Secure Connected Devices

In the era of billions of connected devices, security has a vital role. Attacks will not only cause a minor disturbance, but has the potential to influence critical infrastructure, affect people’s privacy and leak confidential information. The technology is running fast forward into the future, requiring new ways of implementing and working with cyber security.

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Improved Security – Better Products

SECONDS is a research project involving academia and industry partners spanning a wide area of expertise. The project aims to change the way industry is addressing identification and evaluation of security vulnerabilities.

This will be accomplished partly by developing technical solutions that facilitate cost-efficient vulnerability analysis, and partly by working close with industry partners to develop best practice for identifying and evaluating new vulnerabilities. Identifying a new vulnerability in the device software is just the first step. Assessing the criticality of the vulnerability in a specific product, with specific configuration, operating in a specific environment require expertise and understanding of weaknesses, threats, and attacks.

Intelligent Tools

Our software combines information from a large number of Internet resources, including vulnerability databases, mailing lists, discussion forums, social media and news articles to provide accurate and timely vulnerability information. The data is processed in order to present information that is directly relevant for specific products, and it is presented in an accessible way targeting both experts and non-experts. The project will develop improved methods, taking advantage of the rapidly developing area of machine learning, to develop tools, giving new insights into vulnerability assessment and deliver state-of-the-art continuous security for connected devices.